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Protecting Wages: Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles

There are several ways employers in Los Angeles could be mistreating you as an employee. You could be missing money on your paycheck that was promised to you, or you could be facing harassment from your coworkers and supervisors. If you are experiencing any of these situations, call Kharatian Law, APC in Pasadena. Our employment lawyer, Jores Kharatian, fights your workplace rights.

One of the most common workplace issues in when an employer denies payment for overtime. There is exempt and nonexempt employment, and employees who are classified under nonexempt employment should receive additional pay for working overtime. Unfortunately, some employers will try to deny nonexempt employees their due pay, in part or in full. Kharatian Law, APC cut its teeth protecting the right to overtime pay held by nonexempt employees. If you have been denied overtime pay, or any other promised wages, Jores works with you personally to get your money.

Another common problem in the workplace is harassment. Harassment comes in many forms – sexual harassment, racial harassment, etc. – and all of them are illegal. If your workplace allows this harassment to happen, Kharatian Law, APC works to give you a safe workplace once again. 

Sexual Harassment? Missing Overtime? Call Our Pasadena Labor Law Attorney

Any time your employer fails to respect your rights as their employee, Kharatian Law, APC is always by your side. You can talk to our labor law attorney ahead of time by scheduling a free consultation, and Jores will let you know how we can best serve you. For emergencies, call our office anytime. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day.

Don’t wait to fight for your rights. Kharatian Law, APC is standing by to take your call. Contact our team today.

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